Another one of TechVista’s services includes the BPO call center option, which include both inbound and outbound calls.

Offering you a high ROI without the massive capital investment

With the help of digital marketing leads are generated, through which our outsource telemarketing team receive inbound calls. They are then able to upsell and cross sell the products. Other forms of inbound calls include helpdesk services and product support.

We also provide out-bound calling services. Through outbound calls we’ll be able to facilitate in multiple things such as, appointment scheduling, telemarketing, lead generation, product/service promotion, property tax surveys, market research and surveys.

Our experts at the BPO call center understand how the best business practices work along with understanding different technologies. Bundled together, this combination translates into innovative solutions offering excellent ROI to our customers.

HR & Payroll Benefits

Key Benefits

Key features of our call center services include:

  •   Cost Management Tools

    Our business models are typically based on costs per transactions. To make sure the call center’s profitability, we have invested in tools and expertise to precisely measure costs per-call. We share all the costs with our clients which enable them to do an analysis on how effective a particular campaign would be. In-house call centers often find it challenging to tie the costs to every call or customer contact, which would make it difficult to manage costs and measure profitability.

  •   Flexibility and Scalability

    The volume of calls coming into the business will depend on the particular period of the year for each business. Our Outsource call centers have the size and resources to be able to jump in and assist when there is a sudden spike in call volumes due to seasonal activity or any major marketing campaigns. Therefore, in house resources will be able to work efficiently, and managers will be able to schedule staff more effectively

  •   Cost efficiency

    Opening up a call center can be a very expensive investment. Outsourced call center services at TechVista allow you to have the benefits of having a call center with all the facilities, equipment and resources already organized for you without the need of a big capital investment.

  •   Quality Monitoring and Control

    Outsourcing service level agreements need to be handled with care to meet all the professional requirements of our clients. We have monitoring and performance assessment and improvement plans to ensure SLA’s are met. In-house calls centers don’t necessarily have the resources or expertise for such plans.

  •   Data Analysis

    At TechVista, we have trained staff that will be able to collect all the information gained from the calls, analyze it and present it back to the client in a way on how to add more value to the company. We have technologies that include analysis platforms that help us unlock useful insights from large amounts of raw data.

  •   Industry Specialists

    Our agents come from a variety of different backgrounds. We’ll be able to assign a specialist from the industry our client comes from, who’d consist of market knowledge and would be able to work more effectively rather than a generalist call center agent.

  •   Experienced 'Call Managers'

    In house agents are trained to handle calls for a specific product or service. Our outsourced call center staff have experience in different situations and are able to quickly adapt to any scenario that they are presented with and manage the situation professionally.

  •   Skillful Management and Support Staff

    The staff in our BPO call center are specialists in providing customer service. The resources at TVS have numerous years of experience in multiple verticals and have experienced various situations.

  •   Access to Latest Technology

    At our outsourcing call center, we make sure we have access to all the latest technologies to meet our clients’ needs. These technologies will include cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, web chat, SMS text and social media monitoring.

  •   Around the clock services

    Having a 24 hour in house call center 7 days a week is not a realistic approach. One of the best thing that our clients like about us is that we are able to provide you services around the clock. We’ll be able to provide our services that will ‘follow the sun’ at a very competitive rate.