One of TechVista’s Business Process Outsourcing services include accurate, cost-effective and high quality data entry services. Data entry is the process where a designated person, generally known as a data entry clerk is exporting information into a computerized database or spreadsheet.

Offering you accurate, cost effective and high quality data entry services

Data that is inputted into the database comes in various forms such as:

  • Hand written documents
  • Information from spread sheets
  • Sequences of numbers
  • Computer codes
  • Names and addresses

Outsourcing data entry services can be useful for any company as it improves the performance of your business, weather you are an SME or a multi-national organization.

HR & Payroll Benefits

Data Entry Services

We offer the following data entry services:

  •   Record Reconciliation & Normalization Services

    Businesses that are serving consumer goods and services to a significantly large market; have an ongoing need of record reconciliation, normalization & analysis. An overwhelming amount of data is generated periodically that requires instant handling for further utilization by other business functions. While executing their core operations, businesses have to arrange additional resources for managing trivial activities relating to reconciliation and normalizing of record.

  •   Record Entry for Compliance with Industry Regulations

    Businesses from various industries need to follow the rules and regulations that is put forward by their specified regulator. Regulations help in adding sustainability and edge to business portfolio. Compliance with the regulatory comes with monetary implications, which can be reduced by utilizing TechVista’s data entering services.

  •   Human Capital Records

    Companies that consist of a huge staff member, are faced with the tiresome & challenging task of compiling employee records and remunerations. These are required for fulfilling Human Capital Management & Development needs such as; Payroll Management, Intellectual Capacity Building, Succession Planning, and others. TechVista’s experienced and professional resources can be of service while you can be at peace of mind that all the information is kept confidential.

  •   Data Migration – Business Process Automation

    Whether you’re just upgrading your software, adding a module to your ERP or doing a full implementation from scratch; Data migration is required of physical record to an automated system on the basis of which perceived business value is added. Being data entry service providers, TVS can assist you in the migration.

  •   Financial & Accounting Records

    Financial reports and accounting records need to be chronologically preserved and are often required for auditing, analysis and planning. TVS can assist you by our seamless and accurate data entry services.

  •   Preservation of Historical Data

    TVS provides offshore data entry services for smooth migration of the historical data in its physical form to digitized archives.